Portrait of a Beauty Movie Korean erotic drama by Kim Nam Gil.

Portrait of a Beauty aka Mi-in-do is a Korean film in the erotic drama along with classic content and interesting story connected perfectly. Under the display of the Yun-su Jeon has created a realistic scene. And the actress Kim Nam Gil, Ja-Hyeon Chu, Gyu-ri Kim, Yeong-ho Kim.

Portrait of a Beauty movie tells the story of painter female intelligence Shin Yoon-bok (Gyu-ri Kim) was his father forced to impersonate a man instead of his brother who died to study art in the Department of Fine Arts relationships of her. with Kim Hong-do (Yeong-ho Kim) who is a teacher. Shaky start when Hong-do capture that Yoon-bok secretly what the Kang-mu (Nam-gil Kim) traders sold looking glass from the paintings that she wrote with the good of Yoon-bok is the painter others in the palace. jealous And Kang-mu wait bullying caught between measured and Yoon-bok and was almost killed.

Yoon-bok, but allows the body to take in exchange for life Kang-mu Hong-do is to ask to go through life, Kang-mu U.S. through U.S. saw a woman naked pictures. Which is forbidden in those days of Yoon-bok and on disguise as a man is very angry, but Yoon-bok confess and say that a man kills Kang-mu and the Kang-mu is the poison of the Hong-do die. was deported from the palace in the end.

Portrait of Beauty Trailer

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