JUANA LA LOCA aka Mad Love Spanish Period Royal Drama

The story World Health Organization reworked Juana, Queen of Spain, into Juana \"The mad\". A story of passions, lies and jealousy with a politic fight behind. supported historical accounts, director Vincent Aranda has created a lavish, luxurious film set in sixteenth century Flandes, Spain. blue blood Juana Delaware dominion (Pilar Lopez Delaware Ayala) as return to satisfy her gentle obligation in Associate in Nursing organized wedding with prince Felipe of Austria (Daniele Liotti).

What begins as a good romance quickly degenerates into a really unhappy and depressing tale of quality on the a part of Felipe and obsessional compulsive psychosis displayed by the frantic Juana. Juana\'s obsession together with her husbands affairs increase behaviors that ar before long the most subject of gossip for the aristocracy and also the labeling of the desperate Juana as \"Joan the Mad.\"

When Juana\'s Mother and older brothers\' die unexpectedly she currently becomes heir to the throne of Spain. can she reign as Queen, or can Felipe reach having her declared mad by the Spanish court and place away?

Fine performances all around by this all Spanish solid, particularly by the 2 main characters; filum Lopez Delaware Ayala and Daniele Liotti. conjointly during a tiny however unforgettable role is that the alluring beauty Manuela Arcuri because the Moorish blue blood Aixa-Beatriz.

JUANA LA LOCA / Mad Love DVD Spanish Period Royal Drama Trailer

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